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Whitemoor Estate was bought in 1982 after the present owner had leased the fishing for five years and had started to build it up to what it is today, concentrating on quality Brown Trout fly fishing.

Whitemoor Estate OwnerIt is now a private, members only syndicate (no day tickets) with members able to bring a “guest” at any time.

This is the first time ever advertisement for members, as vacancies are always filled locally by word-of-mouth from our waiting list. We are the fly fishing world’s best kept secret.

The lake is just short of 40 acres in size with 60% natural banks and 40% stone pitchings, with three streams flowing into the water.

Whitemoor Estate OwnerThe banks and fields surrounding the lake are totally private with no public footpaths. The open views are spectacular, wildlife is actively encouraged (Ospreys visit in Spring and Autumn on their migration North to nest.

Up until last season, we stocked 1,500 Brown Trout from 6” up to 3lbs in weight each year. These have grown on and some of these trout are now into double figures. We feed pellets all through the winter to bring the fish into excellent condition for opening day. Rainbows are stocked from 2.5lbs up to 10/11lbs in weight. The trout are stocked from the beginning of March every three weeks up until the beginning of June. Then, after the summer, starting again with Rainbows only until the end of October.

During the 2012 season, we landed 1565 Browns, with the largest two at 13lb 5oz and 12lb 10oz, along with five Browns weighing over 12lbs each were caught, seven over 11lbs, seven over 10lbs, fourteen over 9lbs, and fifteen over 8lbs. These ere the notable ones landed, with plenty of Browns caught between 3 and 8lbs.

The estate has a catch and release policy for Browns (apart from a large trophy fish). All the Browns were returned apart from the largest, which are now mounted in glass cases for display in the fishing lodge, and two that were badly hooked.

Our first record Brown was caught in 2004 and weighed 13lbs 12 oz, with a length of 28½” and it was 8½” deep.

This fish was caught after the Brown Trout season and was released after accurate weighing and measuring was undertaken. A plaster cast of replica now hangs in the lodge.